Saturday, November 29, 2008

I don't actually sing off key...

So my first blog. Wow, never thought I'd be caught dead doing this. Then again if I was dead, I would no longer have to think about how terrible my life is. Thanksgiving just passed. I'm stuck at the beach for the night with my parents since the rest of my family has already moved on to better things. This week has been depressing. I used to come here with my ex of 4 years when we were together. It's been hard realizing for the first time that he's moved on. So should I. I didn't think I would get over that... and the more I listen to my favorite song "Shine" by The Morning Of, the more I think about him and what we had. Nevertheless, being with family was pretty great, as Wrenn's rarely get together anymore. Most of them are dying off, and some getting cancer, some holding grudges as usual, and some just not keeping in touch. North Myrtle Beach was the destination for the week break we got from UGA. However, I would hardly call it a break. Spent most of it working on homework (i.e. huge paper, giant project, "statesticals" homework, and learning music for Noteworthy, a girl's a cappella group from UGA). But life isn't so bad. I finished most of my work, and things seem to be going well in school for me. We'll see how long that lasts. I'm dying to write a song right now, but no keyboard. Always some inconvenience every time I want to do something good with my life. My dad has wanted me to be in a band for years, to perform in Athfest every summer. I just want to make him happy. That's all.

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